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A little party never killed nobody

The Free Music Party is the brainchild of six of Buffalo, New York's most unstoppable, exciting musical minds and personalities: vocal duo Eddy Blanco and Alex Live, producer and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Spears, DJ and producer DJ Apollo, and co-founders Max Cambria and Kay Prix. The group has been collaborating and creating music, sketches, clothing, short films, music videos, performing live, and pursuing countless creative endeavors completely in-house since 2017. After years of both collective and individual experimentation, the group has developed an extraordinary blend of Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, and a variety of other genres. Led by the eclectic production and composition of Kevin Spears and Luno J, assisted production of DJ Apollo, the versatility of Eddy Blanco and Alex Live's vocal performances, and the direction of Max Cambria and Kay Prix, FMP's style is timeless yet fresh, elevated by their youthful and contagious energy. Because of their refusal to be boxed in by any perceived creative limitation, The Free Music Party perfectly embodies the Modern Renaissance of self-empowered artistry. 

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